Metric Screw Thread Chart Metric Tap Size Tap Drill (Inches) Clearance Drill (Inches) . Standard Screw Thread Chart Standard Thread Size Tap Drill Size (Inches) Clearance Drill Size (Inches) . The values listed in the chart above are heremended values for a class 2 thread fit. Length is measured from where the surface is assumed to be, to the end of the screw. Therefore, pan head screws are measured from under the head, and flat head screws are measured overall. 10mm x 1.5mm 8mm x 1.25mm 3mm x 0.5mm 6mm x 1.0mm 4mm x 0.7mm 5mm x 0.8mm. Metric Machine Screws Tap Drills Chart This table is the chart for publication of information of metric machine screws , along with tap and clearance drill information. If all else fails, you may want to use our Drill Size Conversion Table or our Tap Drill Size Calculator .

Important Data, Metric , Machine Screws . Position of Head: The axis of the head shall be located at a true position relative to the axis of the screw shank within a tolerance zone having a diameter equivalent to 6% of the specified maximum head diameter, or the specified maximum width across flats of hex and hex flange heads,. Metric screws are the type almost exclusively used in items manufactured in Europe. Class 4.8 machine screws shall be made from a carbon steel, partially or fully annealed as required, which conforms to the hereposition--Carbon: 0.55% maximum ;Phosphorus: 0.05% maximum ;Sulfur: 0.06% maximum . The size of a metric screw or bolt is specified as diameter, pitch and length, in millimeters (millimeters is abbreviated mm). For nuts, size will appear as diameter and pitch. There is an exception though—if pitch isn't specified, the fastener is coarse threaded. Consider this size…. M8-1.0 x 20.

External Metric Thread Table Chart and Fastener Sizes M1.6 - M18. Do not use these values for standard metric internal thread design. All units in mm. These are the M Profile limiting Dimensionings. Where: H = P ( 3 1/2 / 2 ) = 0.866025 P or 0.125H = 0.108253P Engineering Slide Chart ANSI Screw … Sizes shown in highlighted are preferred. TO SELECT PHILLIPS DRIVER SIZE. Screw Type SCREW DIAMETER HEAD STYLE Oval, Pan Flat Round Fillister Truss Size of Bit or Driver Machine Tapping Screws. 0-1 0-1 0-1 0 2-4 2-4 2-4 1 5-10 5-10 5-10 2 12-14 12-5 / 16 12-14 3 5/16-1/2 3 … Cheese Head Machine Screw . The head height on these is slightly shorter than the Pan Head. Zinc Stainless Steel. Click for specifications. Metric Conversion . How to Measure a Screw . What Size Screws Do I Need : Flat Head Machine Screw

Tap Clearance Drill Sizes Tap Drill Clearance Drill Screw Size Major Diameter Plastics Threads Per Inch Minor Aluminum, Brass, Diameter 75% Thread for 50% Thread for Steel, Stainless, Iron Close Fit Free Fit Drill Size Dec. Eq. Drill Size Dec. Eq. Title. Metric screw size .